Thursday, 27 September 2012

Where Children Sleep

-- Written by James Mollison

I hate to read. I usually only read non-fictional books that are highly recommended by family and friends.  So the fact that I'm even also blogging this means means that you should all read it too!  First of all, I wanna tell you how I stumbled across this book because it's actually quite a funny story.  I was at the bookstore looking for magazines or books about Halloween projects when I saw this book.  I don't know if it's just me but the title and the front cover design creeps me out a little, it even has a girl hanged up.  Plus the front cover glows in the dark.  So since I'm already in the Halloween mood I decided to browse through it.  To my surprise, this is not a horror story at all but a serious photo documentary about the life and circumstances of different children around the world.  The author gave us a peek into the bedroom of different children with different lifestyle around the world.  He wrote that " A child's bedroom can reveal many things about his life and circumstances." He described a child's bedroom as his "personal kingdom"
  Here are photos of some pages.

I have to tell you, while reading this, I was thinking. Whoa! this author purposely toured the world convincing parents if he could take pictures of their child's bedroom, oh, but first they should tidy things up.  Haha! Kidding aside.

This really is an interesting and artistic documentary.  Each page explains the circumstances of each child.  From children born in an extremely wealthy to extremely poor family.  My heart bleeds for those children who are very much less fortunate than I am.  I say this as someone who currently lives in the Philippines, a third world country with more than 90% of it's population still lives in conditions almost similar to those depicted in this book.  We go on with our fortunate lives full of material things without a single thought about those children who would perhaps get the chance to drink clean water if only we donate half the money we use to buy a new pair of shoe.  If I go on about this I might just end up writing shit about spoiled rich people and politicians so I will stop. Stop! ok...

I devoured the book within minutes as I found myself reminiscing about my bedroom when I was a child, how it reflected my lifestyle, situation and who I was.  When I visited my parent last weekend, I browsed through her old photo albums looking for pictures of my old bedroom.  This is the best photo I can find...
Michelle ( younger sister ), Audrey (my twin ) and I shared a room that's roughly about 70 sqm. Audrey and I shared a queen size bed while my younger sister sleeps in the crib beside our bed.  We do not have many dolls because for some reason I was extremely terrified with them but we do have a lot of other toys and books.  We often wear the same dress made and sometimes bought by my mom.  I'm very greatful for what my bedroom looks like and how my life is.  I would have appreciated my bedroom and what I had a whole lot more if I had read this book back when I was a child.  

Everyone young and old should read this, it's an easy read but devastatingly life changing.  I will definitely read this book to Celeste when she get's older.  Hmm...I think I know what I'm gonna give my sister this Christmas! Sigh, I need a chocolate break.

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