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Birth Story- Audrey

       June 26, 2012, my twin sister Audrey had another baby boy.  My husband and I were with them at the hospital from 12 midnight till 5 am the following day.  (BTW, we all live in the same village, yeah, a freaky yet wonderful coincidence ) She's the only person I know whose crazy and brave enough to have a natural birth without a single drop of anesthesia.  And she had about an inch tear down her vajayjay! I was her birth partner with a camera on one hand and a water bottle on the other who almost fainted just watching the whole incident.  I couldn't keep my camera straight because of all the blood and excitement going on inside the delivery room.  I can never comprehend her threshold for pain, she didn't even scream or shout during the pushing, I mean, uhm Auds are you even human? Do you know that an almost 8 lb watermelon came out of you?

Godric greeted the world at 3:21 am.  Here are some of the photos I took.

The only people in the delivery room during her actual labor were her doctor, 3 nurses and I.  Her husband, Mark chickened out and left the room and decided to just ...

So adopting an age old practice in Chinese traditional medicine, she wanted to eat her own placenta.  So I offered to cook it for her.  Placenta soup by the way is very healthy, it can ward off postnatal depression, regain back your strength quickly after child birth and improve the amount and quality of breast milk.

My recipe of placenta soup is very simple to make and delicious as well.  I just used a simple soup recipe and replaced the meat with placenta meat and adjusted the amount of garlic and vegetables to make it tasty.  It taste somewhere between chicken and pork soup.  Ok here's the recipe and photo:

First of all its important to refrigerate the placenta as soon as possible after delivery.  Then to prepare it for cooking, wash it until the water ran "clear" (slightly pinkish will do )

1 placenta
5 garlic cloves
1 potato ( cut in cubes )
2 carrots ( cut in cubes )
1 stalk celery
1 large tomato
salt and whole black pepper to taste
 1 Cup all purpose flour mixed with 1 t. salt

Cut out the umbilical cord and discard.  Then cut the meat into bite size chunks.  ( warning: you might freak out if this is your first time doing this because of all the blood)  Dump the meat into the flour mixture before sauteing it in 3 Tbsp oil with garlic.  Then add the rest of the ingredients with 4-5 Cups of water.  Bring to boil, then transfer the soup in a slow cooker set on high wait till it oils again then set it to warm.  Taste it if you dare! hahaha! No seriously, its actually quite good.  

Here's a little welcome home personalized present I made for Godric.  A perfect fit when he turned 1.5 months

Such a chubby cheek baby, already doubled his weight on just pure mother's milk.

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