Thursday, 27 September 2012

Where Children Sleep

-- Written by James Mollison

I hate to read. I usually only read non-fictional books that are highly recommended by family and friends.  So the fact that I'm even also blogging this means means that you should all read it too!  First of all, I wanna tell you how I stumbled across this book because it's actually quite a funny story.  I was at the bookstore looking for magazines or books about Halloween projects when I saw this book.  I don't know if it's just me but the title and the front cover design creeps me out a little, it even has a girl hanged up.  Plus the front cover glows in the dark.  So since I'm already in the Halloween mood I decided to browse through it.  To my surprise, this is not a horror story at all but a serious photo documentary about the life and circumstances of different children around the world.  The author gave us a peek into the bedroom of different children with different lifestyle around the world.  He wrote that " A child's bedroom can reveal many things about his life and circumstances." He described a child's bedroom as his "personal kingdom"
  Here are photos of some pages.

I have to tell you, while reading this, I was thinking. Whoa! this author purposely toured the world convincing parents if he could take pictures of their child's bedroom, oh, but first they should tidy things up.  Haha! Kidding aside.

This really is an interesting and artistic documentary.  Each page explains the circumstances of each child.  From children born in an extremely wealthy to extremely poor family.  My heart bleeds for those children who are very much less fortunate than I am.  I say this as someone who currently lives in the Philippines, a third world country with more than 90% of it's population still lives in conditions almost similar to those depicted in this book.  We go on with our fortunate lives full of material things without a single thought about those children who would perhaps get the chance to drink clean water if only we donate half the money we use to buy a new pair of shoe.  If I go on about this I might just end up writing shit about spoiled rich people and politicians so I will stop. Stop! ok...

I devoured the book within minutes as I found myself reminiscing about my bedroom when I was a child, how it reflected my lifestyle, situation and who I was.  When I visited my parent last weekend, I browsed through her old photo albums looking for pictures of my old bedroom.  This is the best photo I can find...
Michelle ( younger sister ), Audrey (my twin ) and I shared a room that's roughly about 70 sqm. Audrey and I shared a queen size bed while my younger sister sleeps in the crib beside our bed.  We do not have many dolls because for some reason I was extremely terrified with them but we do have a lot of other toys and books.  We often wear the same dress made and sometimes bought by my mom.  I'm very greatful for what my bedroom looks like and how my life is.  I would have appreciated my bedroom and what I had a whole lot more if I had read this book back when I was a child.  

Everyone young and old should read this, it's an easy read but devastatingly life changing.  I will definitely read this book to Celeste when she get's older.  Hmm...I think I know what I'm gonna give my sister this Christmas! Sigh, I need a chocolate break.

Grab your copy of " Where Children Sleep" RIGHT HERE !

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Angela's Masquerade 18th Birthday Party

Attended a masquerade theme debut party of my ballerina cousin Angela last Saturday.  It was held at the club house beside our village so it was very convenient, just 3 minutes away.  The whole place was stunningly filled with purple, silver, gold, hot pink and black colored decors with ( fake ) crystals hanging on each centerpiece table.  They also conveniently provided a mask for the guests by hanging them on the table centerpiece as well ( second photo ).  Of course I took one home as my souvenir. 

It wasn't your average 18th birthday party as Charles refrained from drinking or with 18 roses and candles which I find very boring by the way.  But it was an entirely different fun because Angela performed several solo and group dancing for almost the entire night.  I had no idea how talented she was until that night.  Her sexy moves + the upbeat music took my breath away and I'm sure so did everyone else in that party.  They also rented a photobooth for the guest to enjoy and take pics as souvenir. The silver fleur-de-lis background fits the theme perfectly.  She had a beautiful masquerade topsy-turvy cake ( top-left photo ).  Food and wine was great especially the steak, appetizers, and macaroons.  All this made me wanna be 18 again. 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Anti-Vampire Decor

Here's a very cute and easy Halloween decor I made in just under 15 minutes.  A garlic centerpiece!  This will surely give those vampires a good dose of their poison.

 All you need is a bunch of garlic tied together with a nice ribbon, colored pens to make the design :)

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Halloween Voodoo Doll

The scariest season of all is just around the corner and I have been thinking how to decorate the house with cheap, original and easy DIY projects.  I want nothing too scary nor too cartoonish but something that's creepy enough for the adults but at the same time cute enough for the kids.

I'm proud of this projects because after making them I googled looking for similar projects and guess what I'm probably the only one who've thought of this!  They are so cheap, creative and easy to make.

This voodoo doll are made out of fresh ginger root.  Its so darn easy to do and its creepy + cute too.  All you need is some fresh ginger ( pick the most "human" looking ones, don't worry there are lots of them ), black marker pen,  white and red acrylic paint, 1 plain white button, 2 extra buttons for the hands (any color or design ), 1 push pin, glue.

The procedure is pretty straight forward, just look at the photo.  I just want you to note that for the eyes, one of them is made out of white button to which I drew a big and a small circle using a black marker and glued it on the ginger.  The other eye is just painted on the ginger. This will make it look like one of its eye is sticking out. 

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

How to make Jack-O-Lantern

Halloween almost always equals Jack-o-lantern for everyone, it's the undisputed Halloween must have and I love it when a creepy one is made into a centerpiece surrounded with a bountiful supply of Halloween treats.  This tutorial is a cheap and no hassle way of making your very own Jack-o-lantern, no more carving and bleeding, and no more buying expensive centerpiece for this season. Here's how.

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Photos are owned  by Abigail Chuahiock Lu of Artistic Milestone. Copyrighted by Artistic Milestone 2012.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Chocolate Cupcakes for Mommy

Yesterday was my mom's 52nd Birthday.  We had our whole family over to a potluck lunch at her place.  It was more fun than usual because all her grand kids are big enough to play and joke around with.  Happy Birthday to the greatest Coffee addict Mommy! We Love You!

I brought chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting I baked the day before.  It's the only chocolate cupcake recipe I love making so much because they always come out moist and delicious.  Topped with cream cheese frosting, sprinkled with a bit o pink sugar crystals and finally topped with personalized cupcake toppers made the cupcakes the center of attention.

Because many are asking me for the recipe, I'm blogging it down here.  Thanks to my daughter's nanny whom if it wasn't for her there will be no pictures as detailed at these and thanks to my daughter who for some miracle behaved the whole time I was baking.

I printed out my cupcake toppers using ordinary home printer then cut it out using a scalloped edged scissor to make it shape like flower. You may use toothpicks, lollipop sticks or barbeque stick as the stand.  But I use raw spaghetti sticks hehehe :) who cares as long as toppers sticks on top of the cupcakes! And mind you, its easy to adjust the height of the toppers with a spaghetti stick and their strong enough not to break apart inside the cupcakes, Smart!

If you have any questions or are interested in ordering personalized cupcake toppers please don't hesitate to message me here or in my Facebook page or simply email me at  Good Luck home bakers !

Friday, 7 September 2012

Thinking about Halloween already

If you had read my About Me (part 1 ) you already know that I hate shopping for clothes.  Here's another proof.  Last Sunday I went out shopping for a dress I'm gonna wear for a debut in a couple of weeks but I ended up buying Halloween stuff and no dress.  This is not my fault.  Several stores have already began spicing up their place and started selling Halloween costumes so I was kind of swooped in the Halloween spirit.  I already bought face paint, plastic skulls, and I had an impromptu plan on making my lil' bunny ( Celeste ) a witch costume so I bought the materials as well.  I might be posting DIY Halloween projects pretty soon so please drop by every now and then.

I've already started designing Halloween invitations and greeting card last Monday.   Please drop by my  FACEBOOK page or message me here if you need personalized invitations.

I used some of the pictures of Celeste from last years Halloween.  Dressed her up as a bat because at 2.5 months that's exactly what she is, asleep during the day and awake at night.  And I'm the mother bat who couldn't get much sleep even during the day because I breastfeed her every 2 hours.  Hay! those were the days where I have no regrets but don't ever wanna go back.

Well anyways, after a few minutes of trying to recall what happened last years Halloween, I got to thinking that it really isn't too early to begin planning for Halloween. In fact, now is the best time to start planning/adding as much creepiness and gore to your own home little by little, craft by craft so you won't end up buying and paying so much last minute decors.  So see you soon!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Birth Story- Audrey

       June 26, 2012, my twin sister Audrey had another baby boy.  My husband and I were with them at the hospital from 12 midnight till 5 am the following day.  (BTW, we all live in the same village, yeah, a freaky yet wonderful coincidence ) She's the only person I know whose crazy and brave enough to have a natural birth without a single drop of anesthesia.  And she had about an inch tear down her vajayjay! I was her birth partner with a camera on one hand and a water bottle on the other who almost fainted just watching the whole incident.  I couldn't keep my camera straight because of all the blood and excitement going on inside the delivery room.  I can never comprehend her threshold for pain, she didn't even scream or shout during the pushing, I mean, uhm Auds are you even human? Do you know that an almost 8 lb watermelon came out of you?

Godric greeted the world at 3:21 am.  Here are some of the photos I took.

The only people in the delivery room during her actual labor were her doctor, 3 nurses and I.  Her husband, Mark chickened out and left the room and decided to just ...

So adopting an age old practice in Chinese traditional medicine, she wanted to eat her own placenta.  So I offered to cook it for her.  Placenta soup by the way is very healthy, it can ward off postnatal depression, regain back your strength quickly after child birth and improve the amount and quality of breast milk.

My recipe of placenta soup is very simple to make and delicious as well.  I just used a simple soup recipe and replaced the meat with placenta meat and adjusted the amount of garlic and vegetables to make it tasty.  It taste somewhere between chicken and pork soup.  Ok here's the recipe and photo:

First of all its important to refrigerate the placenta as soon as possible after delivery.  Then to prepare it for cooking, wash it until the water ran "clear" (slightly pinkish will do )

1 placenta
5 garlic cloves
1 potato ( cut in cubes )
2 carrots ( cut in cubes )
1 stalk celery
1 large tomato
salt and whole black pepper to taste
 1 Cup all purpose flour mixed with 1 t. salt

Cut out the umbilical cord and discard.  Then cut the meat into bite size chunks.  ( warning: you might freak out if this is your first time doing this because of all the blood)  Dump the meat into the flour mixture before sauteing it in 3 Tbsp oil with garlic.  Then add the rest of the ingredients with 4-5 Cups of water.  Bring to boil, then transfer the soup in a slow cooker set on high wait till it oils again then set it to warm.  Taste it if you dare! hahaha! No seriously, its actually quite good.  

Here's a little welcome home personalized present I made for Godric.  A perfect fit when he turned 1.5 months

Such a chubby cheek baby, already doubled his weight on just pure mother's milk.

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Saturday, 1 September 2012

My Alien-ish Writing

"ALIEN" that's what my family and friends calls me when they see my scrapbook-diary.  It's because I have invented 2 sets of alphabets that only I can understand.  And I've been writing in my scrapbook-diary using them since I was 12 years old.  Started the first time I read about the Egyptian hieroglyphics.  It was love at first sight.  So just for the sheer fun of it, I invented my own 2 sets of alphabets.

At first I was only using a set but when I realized that it was still pretty easy to decipher some words I invented another set and added symbols that represent a whole word for words I often use.  The symbols I invented was based on Chinese and English letters topped with my weird imagination.  Making it almost impossible to decipher (unless maybe if your a desperately bored stalker ).  Even my husband gave up trying.  Here are some pictures of the pages of my diary.
Year 1996 - about fun and games
Year 1997 - about School
Year 2001 - Mooncake Party
Year 2002 - Dating
Year 2009 - My Wedding
Obviously some symbols are pretty childish, but duh! what can you expect from a 12 yr old? binary codes?  I'm not even sure if this is what you call an orthography because I don't have any rules of spelling, punctuation or what have you.  These are all just plain and simple drawings that pops in my head one Sunday morning.  It felt pretty rewarding actually.  I'm still using it until today.  I can only read it more than half the speed but I can write it almost as fast as I can write ordinary English or Chinese letters/words for that matter.

So, do you have an alien writing? or are you into orthography? I'd love to here from you :)